Holiday Promo 2015

Strutting our Stuff

For Reitdesign’s annual gift promo, we wanted to deliver a memorable “thank you” to clients during the 2015 holiday season. We created a playful, color-coordinated box containing a cozy hat, scarf and pair of gloves—each sporting a reitdesign-branded label—that carried the retro-romantic, New York winter theme, “Get Smitten.” 

This old-fashioned motif is integrated throughout, from the box’s exterior, which is customized with the recipient’s name and company, right down to hole-punched tags that accompany each item and feature warm and cuddly messages—”Squeeze Tightly,” “Neck Passionately,” and “Canoodle Daily”. The reverse side of each tag includes an engaging paragraph of copy that cleverly ties in with each item. Reinforcing the flirtatious, vintage Manhattan mood is a city map imprinted on the inside box lid that pinpoints charming New York destinations with special relevance to each message. This unique holiday promotion also includes an interactive element: each layered sheet contains a hole that gives recipients a tactile clue to what article of winter clothing is packaged beneath. In addition, the brown/black color scheme contains a pop of orange to correspond to the reitdesign brand, while the decorative typefaces and ornate design assets instantly evoke a bygone era.

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