Lucky's Famous Burgers

A Branding Campaign with Bite

Using 100% natural ingredients, Lucky's Famous Burgers has a mouth-watering menu that's fresh and always delicious. What Lucky's needed most was a consistent brand presence—one that would build its identity and fuel the franchise's expansion.

Working with Lucky's, we drew inspiration from its clean, modern take on the 1950s burger palace. The brand (and the restaurant's addictive aroma) draws you in from the street. We wanted to capture these unique qualities to help Lucky's stand out from the crowd.

From its playful color scheme to its product carousel featuring its tasty menu options, the restaurant's site is as tantalizing as a juicy Lucky's Double Cheeseburger. We also came up with the restaurant's iconic and irresistible lip-smacking logo, plus the in-store signage featuring the "Wanna Get Lucky" and "Get Lucky Today" campaign. This theme was featured on the staff's t-shirts, adorned the walls of the restaurant, and further established Lucky's brand equity.

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