Holiday Promo 2016

Strutting our Stuff

reitdesign’s annual gift promo is an entirely in-house created highlight of our innovative year, and with our Other Holidays 2016 gift box, we took the opportunity not only to thank our clients but also to anticipate the twelve creative months ahead! This holiday brainstorming session resulted in a “Not Your Typical Holiday Kit” offering that’s handy and deeply unique.

Each personally labeled, individually hand-stamped Other Holidays gift box conveys to the recipient that they have something special in their hands. The raw, sanded wood. The retro, mid-century font. These “Other” holidays might be “little known, largely bizarre”--but they’re already hidden classics. Slide open the box’s shell-shaped latch and lift the lid to reveal a fold-out panel listing the holidays. There’s “Ditch Your New Year’s Resolution Day” (I’ll keep my resolution next year. ~Everyone), “Star Wars Day” (May 4th: May the Fourth Be With You!), and the internet’s eternal favorite, “National Cat Day” (Celebrate right meow). Small serrated monthly calendars are enlivened by in-house created icons and suggest New York-centric spots for each holiday’s celebration. An included, customized wooden stand is ready to display each fun monthly calendar as the year rolls by. The amusingly quirky icons are integrated throughout the gift box, energizing Reitdesign stickers and embellishing the pristine wrappers of three pocket-sized notebooks. Logo pencils (plus eraser!) are also neatly tucked inside, perfect for jotting down--and changing--holiday plans. A packet of luxuriantly glossy “Other holiday” cards are nestled nearby in a tidy chronological bundle, ready for the lucky recipient to send to their friends--or just that one other person who gets it, gets them-- so they can “other holiday” together!

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