reitdesign is a diverse and eclectic team of designers, developers, writers, strategists, researchers, and UX designers. We combine small town ethics with big city thinking to deliver award-winning results.

Liz Reitman
Principal/Creative Director
The buck starts (and stops) here with our fearless and fun-loving leader. With a BFA from U of Michigan and active membership in AIGA, Graphic Artists Guild and the Type Director’s Club, Liz sets the tone and guides the vision that has made reitdesign an award-winning agency, as well as a great place to work.
Flywheel Cyclist
Milk Hater
Licorice Lover
Emotional Movie Expert
Diane Cimine
EVP, Strategic Communications
Taking things apart and putting them together lights Diane’s fire, whether it’s ideas or words or pictures, and she’s been lucky to do it for the best over her long career. All things in good measure is her philosophy, maybe because she’s also a certified yoga instructor.
Registered Yoga Teacher
Photo Bug
Bird Watcher
Janet Wikler
Marketing Strategist
Janet loves a challenge and masters whatever she sets her mind to. A recognized expert in strategy, marketing, and monetizing the digital frontier, she has helped many companies evolve, grow, and prosper.
Carnegie Hall Singer
Certified Mahout
World Traveler
Meghan Natalicchio
Director of Client Services
Meghan specializes in providing ongoing support to reitdesign's existing and new clients– helping to form and grow each relationship. With experience as an Account Manager, she directed multi-channel campaigns for numerous clients. You can find Meghan playing soccer on the beach and/or spending time with her beloved dogchildren.
Beach Bum
Binge Watcher
Beyonce Worshipper
Dog Savior
Cidney Ehya
Studio / Project Manager
After earning her degree in media, culture and communication from NYU and working at a cupcake shop for 4 years, Cidney joins reitdesign to support client relations and maintain the flow of the studio. In her spare time, you will find her amongst trees, building Spotify playlists or trying out new recipes.
Taste Adventurer
Plant Admirer
New Music Explorer
Mountain Hiker
Toliy Grinberg
Web Developer
Toliy loves to build websites that delight and inform, and enjoys any work that challenges him to learn something new, and stretch in a fresh direction. Traveling, technology and his family inspire him and he’s eager to bring his passion to your next project.
Avid Traveler
Star Wars Addict
Suffering Mets Fan
Stephen Louis
Senior Designer/Internship Coordinator
Originally hailing from East New York, Brooklyn, Stephen holds a BFA in Graphic Design from FIT. With a background in art and illustration, he loves translating ideas to imagery. He is also an accomplished performer with nine musical productions under his belt and his office singing isn't annoying like at all...
Office Singer
Board Game Player
Aspiring Guitarist
Lion King Lover
Rachel Rusk
Prior to joining the reitdesign team, Rachel freelanced as a designer and illustrator throughout her college career at FIT. Rachel still dabbles in illustration in her free time, but when she’s not doing that you can find her binging Netflix shows or attempting to cook.
Egg Devourer
Compulsive Giggler
Snow Globe Collector
Batman Fan
Bruce Wotring
A product of sunny Florida, Bruce dreamed of being a cartoonist before setting his sights on copywriting. After attending the University of Georgia, he bought a one-way ticket to New York, where he honed his craft in various industries. Bruce loves tinkering with his 1921 Dodge and spending time with his family and a Beagle named Linus.
Beatles Fan
Dancing Fool
Beach Bum
Dan Putignano
Business Manager
In between World Tours with his band "They Might Be Parents", Dan is hard at work behind the scenes at reitdesign keeping the lights on and the team working efficiently in the lush creative environment they have become accustomed to. What else was he going to do with 25 years of Biz Management experience in multiple creative industries?
Meat Griller
Bass Slapper
World Traveler
Proud Papa
The Interns
We are looking for friendly and ambitious design students who are ready to unleash their creativity by participating in the design and production of projects. The internship will give you an opportunity to work closely with each reitdesign team member, and learn the ins and outs of a design studio.

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